Twitter Lists: Let's Get Organized

Twitter is a great way to find and connect with people in your field, but when your "following" count starts getting into triple digits, it can be almost impossible to keep up with your timeline. A good way to avoid this is to organize users that you follow into lists. Twitter lists are a very cool feature that let you curate Twitter accounts by whatever criteria you choose, from your business competitors to accounts that just post cute animal pictures. Lists can be public or private, and you can also subscribe to another user's lists.

Say you want to retweet a tweet that's relevant to your followers. If you have a list prepared of accounts that post about things your followers would be interested in (for example, Fort Worth eMedia followers are fans of local restaurants, so we have a Fort Worth Foodies Faves list made up of Fort Worth-area restaurants), you can easily find content to share. You could also make lists of accounts that you personally really enjoy so that, if your timeline tends to get out of hand, you can make sure you see all of their tweets. Other users' lists can also be a great resource for finding new accounts to follow.

Lists help make your Twitter timeline work for you. Get organized and start listing!