Web Marketing

Crafting the Perfect Blog Post


Are you clueless when it comes to blogging? Have you ever had an idea for a post, but weren't of sure the best way to put it together? The experts at SociallyStacked, one of our favorite resources for social media and web marketing tips and news, have shared a template that outlines the 9 components of the "perfect" blog post. It really all comes down to one of the cornerstones of social media marketing - customer engagement.

Is Your Email Mobile-Friendly?


According to a study by IDC, the most common activity smartphones users complete on their phone is...checking email! 78% of their surveyed users check their email on mobile devices. And with over 145 million smartphone users just in America, that's a lot of mobile email users. We already know that mobile marketing is set to be a huge trend in 2015, and your email marketing strategy should also be mobile-friendly. An article by Email Delivered provides a few tips for making your emails work for your mobile customers. Here's a few: