• Social Media Management
  • Platform setup
  • Social Media Posting
  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
All, Social
  • Specialty data list acquired
  • Email invitation design
  • Race Day card design and printing
  • Race Day Pins and T-shirts
  • Flyers design and printing
All, Data
  • Specialty data list acquired
  • Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Postcard design and printing
  • Direct mail to targeted list
All, Data
  • Built database of top 3% of households in Tarrant and surrounding counties
  • Produced Demographic Profile of distribution database
  • Created Custom Zones to facilitate targeted inserts by Zone
  • Created Zip-Zone, Geo and Demographic Reporting to aid the sales force
  • Did an eMail append to internal database to facilitate electronic communications
  • Produce ongoing reporting and analysis for management team and sales force
All, Data
  • Created Map of 21 DFW Tax Help Centers and created “Trade Area” for each location
  • Aligned all DFW Zip Codes to a Tax Help Center(s) to supply data to “Text Locator” application
  • Facilitated internal lists as well as prospect lists for targeted direct mail program
  • Executed a series of reminder cards via direct mail campaign
All, eMedia
  • Produced extensive research and data hygiene on existing databases
  • Provided target marketing lists for both Donor and Membership Campaigns
  • Created campaign Web Landing Pages for both campaigns as well
  • Produced Direct Mail Campaign
  • Did an eMail append to internal databases to facilitate electronic communications
  • Executed eBlast Campaign linking electronic communication to Landing Pages
  • Produced follow up Campaign Analysis and Strategies
All, eMedia