Crafting the Perfect Blog Post

Are you clueless when it comes to blogging? Have you ever had an idea for a post, but weren't of sure the best way to put it together? The experts at SociallyStacked, one of our favorite resources for social media and web marketing tips and news, have shared a template that outlines the 9 components of the "perfect" blog post. It really all comes down to one of the cornerstones of social media marketing - customer engagement.

As explained in the template, the main areas a blog writer needs to focus on are an attention-grabbing opening, an emotional connection with the reader as early in the post as possible, and practical, useful content. 

  • Open strong. Your title and opening sentences should be dynamic and attention-getting. Readers need a reason to read your post in the first place - and then a reason to keep reading.
  • Make connections. Try to invoke an emotion or curiosity in your reader. Make them pay attention!
  • Content is still king. Is your blog post actually saying anything interesting or useful? If you can give your readers results, they'll keep coming back to you.


Read the whole story at SociallyStacked.