Is Your Email Mobile-Friendly?

According to a study by IDC, the most common activity smartphones users complete on their phone is...checking email! 78% of their surveyed users check their email on mobile devices. And with over 145 million smartphone users just in America, that's a lot of mobile email users. We already know that mobile marketing is set to be a huge trend in 2015, and your email marketing strategy should also be mobile-friendly. An article by Email Delivered provides a few tips for making your emails work for your mobile customers. Here's a few:

2) Readability: This is of course related to design, but the layout and text of your email needs to be readable on a screen that is far smaller than a typical computer or laptop. Styles such as reverse print or difficult to read font styles should be avoided if they are not adapted to be readable on a mobile device.  

Further, emails that have large blocks of text can be hard to read on a small screen. What would look like a small paragraph on a full size screen will look far less easy to read when condensed onto a 3 or 5 inch screen. Consider writing so that most paragraphs are one or two sentences at the most and that sentences are also short, too. You may also find that writing shorter emails so there is less for your subscriber to have to read can increase conversions.

Another often overlooked readability factor for emails on mobile devices is the subject line and your snippet text (or preheader). Is your subject line too long to be viewed on a mobile device? Is the preheader text enticing? You’ll want to pay extra attention to the first impression your email makes on a mobile device and edit accordingly. Fortunately, any changes you make that work better on mobile are likely to work better on laptops and desktop computers, too.

3) Link placement: It’s generally been good advice to only have one call to action in an email. While you may want to repeat the placement of a link, the destination is the same throughout an email promotion. Just imagine big fingers trying to click on a small link on a tiny smartphone screen and the reason for careful link placement becomes clear. Make sure the link you want your subscriber to click is long enough and easily visible enough to be easy to use.

On a similar note, you don’t want to place your call to action link too close to the bottom of your email where your unsubscribe link is or you risk accidental unsubscribes.

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