Video Marketing: Why It Works

Ever since Youtube came onto the scene in 2005, the internet has never been the same. Video has changed the way we work and play online, and its effect on web marketing is no less transformative. Are you incorporating video into your marketing strategy? Here are just a few reasons why you should:

Users prefer video. Studies have shown than over half of internet traffic is driven by video - an infographic by Delos, Inc. suggests that within two years, that number will be close to three-quarters. Most users will spend more time on a website that contains video than one with just text alone.

Facebook prefers video. Facebook posts that contain videos - especially videos uploaded with Facebook's own native video player - are given greater weight in Facebook's algorithms than posts with text or photos alone. This means more exposure, which means more people will be seeing these posts.

Videos lead to action. Users who watch a video are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase than users who view text or images alone. Videos are simply more engaging, and they are easily shareable on social media.

Video marketing works, and as video's popularity with users continues to increase, its place in your web marketing strategy becomes increasingly important.