Data --> Intelligence, The Critical Transformation

Data itself is simply a group of raw numbers, statistics, or tabulations. Information is the organization of that data into reports, analytics, and maps that convey an understanding of what is going on with your business or organization.

The ability to transform data into information that guides you, helps you make better decisions, and points the way to marketing success, is vital. And it is where Fort Worth eMedia shines!

FWeM can accurately geo-code your data and provide the GIS intelligence that it provides. What is the best trade area for your location based on each customer, how far the majority of your customers travel to your location. What are the zip codes you penetrate with the highest %, and finally what are the trends of address types, home values, and household makeup that most interact with your business?

What are the lifestyle trends, the age groups, the demographic variables that make up your core customers? What are their preferences on social media, contact points, and offers? This is all the type of information that drives marketing intelligence, born out of the proper use of data.

Let FWeM guide you through the mine fields that are always present in this endeavor. It’s what we do, and how we earn your business everyday.