Quick Tips: Making Facebook Mobile Work For You


One thing to keep in mind when working on your Facebook page is that over half of users access Facebook through a mobile app, rather than on the Facebook website. Facebook Mobile has a slightly different look and works just a little differently. For instance, on mobile, your timeline won't show all of your most recent posts. To make sure your mobile visitors see your most important posts, consider pinning a particular post - click on the dropdown menu of any post and choose "pin post" to attach that post to the top of your page, ensuring that it's the first thing visitors see.

Summer Fun: Rockin' the River at Panther Island Pavilion


We’ve blogged about Panther Island Pavilion once already this summer – did anyone check out their fireworks show? – but there are even more fun events to experience before summer ends! One can’t-miss event takes place every Thursday this summer, is free, AND lets you beat the heat while enjoying local live music!