Quick Twitter Tip: The Search Function is Your Friend

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Everyone knows that the best way to interact with other users on Twitter is to use mentions, or @-replies. But when it comes to talking about brands and businesses, not everyone will take the time to look up your Twitter handle in order to compose a quick tweet.

While checking your mentions is a quick way to see who's talking about you, you should also make use of Twitter's search function to search for your brand's name. Sometimes users will be talking about you, if not talking directly to you. This will give you a whole new range of customers to interact with!

3 Easy Pinterest Tips You Can Use Right Now

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Pinterest is made for sharing products and ideas, and this makes it ideal for sharing your brand! Here are three quick and easy tips to maximize your repinnability:

Make the captions your own
When you repin, consider the caption - don't just leave what the person before you said. Add to it or replace it completely, and always use your personal hashtags. This will make every pin on your boards distinctly you.