Staying Adaptable: Responsive Web Design


We are deep, deep into an era of mobile technology. People use the internet not just on their computers, but also on their phones, tablets, e-readers, video game devices and more - and sometimes they use these devices more than an actual computer. This is something to consider when designing your website: each of these devices has a different screen size and resolution. Something that looks beautiful on a horizontal 25" desktop monitor could be disastrous on a vertical 5.5" phone screen. Which brings us to responsive design.

Go Local, Go Funky! Let's Keep Fort Worth Funky


At Fort Worth eMedia, we LOVE supporting local businesses, so we couldn't be happier to highlight this awesome community - Keep Fort Worth Funky! It's a group dedicated to "all things funky and local", and to promoting everything that makes Fort Worth a unique and all around awesome place to live. Their Facebook page is full of cool happenings around town and local businesses to check out. And if you want to help support the cause by becoming a member, you'll recieve special discounts at participating local businesses!