Killing Time (Without Wasting It) With a Smartphone


These days, we're never far from our smartphones. And if we're not moving, it's hard to go even five minutes without reaching for the phone and scrolling through...anything. But there are many, many more things you can do on a phone than just kill time playing Candy Crush. The experts at SociallyStacked put together an excellent list of 30 Productive Things to Do When You Have 15 to Kill and a Smartphone. Below are a few of our favorite suggestions:

10. Look at the trending hashtags on Twitter and tweet out something relevant.

14. Clean up your inbox by deleting as many spam and read emails as you can.

24. In your notes app or in an email draft, free write about any ideas you have. If you don’t have any ideas, write down as many things you can think of that you’re thankful for.

And here are two suggestions of our own:

There's a New Sheriff in Town: Google Penguin


We've covered SEO on the blog before, but only on a very basic level. SEO (search engine optimization) is a highly effective tactic for bringing in new users and potential customers. But it is possible to use SEO for evil instead of for good - this is so-called "black hat SEO" or "spamdexing"; using spammy methods to manipulate search engine results in a way that almost always goes against the search engine's guidelines. In order to better combat spam, search engines like Google refine their algorithms over time. Google's latest algorithm update, Penguin 3.0, is their biggest stand yet against black hat SEO.

2015 Web Marketing Trends: An Eye For Design


A month an a half into the new year, digital trends are already starting to take shape. According to an infographic from Bowen Media, the biggest trends for web marketing in 2015 are all design-focused. Now, more than ever, customers and potential customers will be taking your website's design into account when they consider whether or not to recommend your business to others. Let's take a closer look at these trends: